Do you struggle to find really great gym music that motivates you to keep going?

Me too.

I started creating the ultimate workout playlist when I started to love working out.

I’ve never been a gym person. I just never really knew what to do at the gym.

I ended up joining ClassPass for awhile, and I finally found something that really motivated me to workout. I love spin.

One of my fantasies in life is to become a spin teacher.

Why, you ask? So that I can make killer workout playlists all the time.

Sparkcycle (La Jolla, CA) became my happy place. It’s San Diego’s version of SoulCycle, for those of you that are familiar.

It was an amazing cardio workout, and the teachers had the best music every single class.

When you’re gasping for air, thinking to yourself, “oh my god, if I have to do one more tap-back on this bike I might keel over and die,” music is the only thing that gets you through.

Okay, maybe slightly dramatic. Still, it’s true.

My workouts are always evolving –

I have since stopped doing ClassPass, and have joined a gym.

ClassPass allowed me to take so many different classes, that I started to pick up exercises that I could do on my own. In other words, I actually know how to workout at the gym.

What’s more –

I feel strong, confident, and NOT intimidated by the gym rats.


workout playlist


Hence, my motivation to start the ultimate workout playlist.  This playlist is geared toward cardio workouts, filled with upbeat, trappy music that you will love.

*See the whole playlist at the bottom of this post.

My Favorite Types of Workouts

When I had a ClassPass membership, it allowed me to try a myriad of classes.  In addition to spin, my favorites by far were:

Boxing: Another amazing cardio workout. One that also makes you feel like a total badass.  The teachers usually blast hip hop and rap while you go at it at the bag.

When you take breaks from punching the bag, you get to do fun things like burpees!! (lol)

Yoga Sculpt: Yoga + free weights.  It’s a great way to incorporate cardio into your yoga routine. I was obsessed there for awhile.


workout playlist

The Kinds Of Music I Like To Workout To

I’m a big fan of trap when I’m working out, because it makes me feel like I am killin’ the game.

My favorite spin classes and my runs are fueled my a lot of trap, hip hop and house.  Super upbeat stuff.

When I hear people say they workout to songs on the radio or they workout while watching television, I am genuinely confused. What. Do. You. Mean.?!

If you are one of those people who can get an awesome workout in while watching tv, more power to you.

For me, music fuels the entire workout.

If the playlist is off, or I just can’t seem to find a great song to start out with, I don’t have a good workout (probably all in my head, but whatever).

If you’re like me, please see my curated workout playlist below.

Highlights Of The Ultimate Workout Playlist

Go Bananas – Mike L, B3nte

I had a big Melbourne Bounce phase in college. For some reason, the bouncy, dance tunes motivated me when I was studying.

I’m not a classical, instrumental type of person when studying. I’m more of a Melbourne Bounce and House person; even when I’m at work.

Weird, I know.

I’ll do a post on that another time. Listen to one of my favorites off of this playlist, “Go Bananas.”


Contract – GTA

This track is off of GTA’s newest album, and it has such a good beat.

It’s perfect for working out. Listen to “Contract” by GTA below.


Nightfall – Louis Vivet

This song makes me want to go to a club and dance.  It’s sexy, yet upbeat.

I was first introduced to this track in yoga sculpt; it’s a great motivator for those ab workouts.

Listen to “Nightfall” below!


Hide (Tropkillaz Remix) – N.A.S.A.

This is one of my favorite songs I have found from spin class to date.

It has such a unique sound and the build-up pumps you up.

This song is great for your next run on the treadmill or around your neighborhood.  Listen below!


Hypnotik – Keys N Krates

Keys N Krates could power a workout playlist all by themselves.

Their songs are among my favorite songs to spin to, along with Tropkillaz and Yellow Claw’s tracks.

You’ll find a lot of tunes by these three artists in my playlist below!


Without Further Ado…The Workout Playlist





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I hope that this playlist powers your next workout and that it’s your best workout to date.

That would make me really happy. 🙂