Lately, I’ve really been embracing my creativity. And I’m LOVING it.

Through the blog, learning calligraphy, and learning more about photography and videography, my life has felt more fulfilled and productive.

Without my creativity, the day-to-day becomes very routine and life goes by way too fast.  Drawing, writing, and other things really allow me to slow down and create something COOL. Something that I’m proud of.

Sometimes though, it’s hard to get the creative juices flowing.  Whenever I feel unmotivated, I feel very stuck and underwhelmed about my creativity.

I have some things I do to help unleash my creativity and get rid of my writer’s block.


1. Set Your Environment

I always have my essential oil diffuser on in my room or candles lit whenever I’m about to start an intense writing session.  This helps me a lot, because it soothes me and puts me in a writing mood.

It creates a calm environment for whatever you’re trying to work on. So, the pressure ISN’T on and you are free to be creative.

I don’t know what it is, but I also have to have a clean room.  It’s the OCD in me; I have to clean up the room in order to be able to get productive.

Decide whatever it is in your environment that is creating a mental block for you, and make it better!

2. Take a Walk or Run

Whenever I get outside and get active, it helps clear my mind. I’m pretty active in general, but whenever I’m having writer’s block or want to come up with some creative ideas, I get outside it helps so much.

3. Learn a New Skill

Calligraphy lyrics picture

Recently, I learned how to do calligraphy. I’m not amazing at it yet or anything, but learning that new skill helped me to become creative in other ways.

I’ve always been so envious of people who can draw and paint; I wish I was just naturally artistically gifted.  But I’m going to try and learn more art skills, and calligraphy was a really good start for that.

4. Do Yoga

YOU GUYS yoga is my jam. I am obsessed.  I recently started working front desk for my favorite yoga studio, and in return I get a free membership.  There are all types of classes there, from yoga sculpt to yin yoga.  I won’t bore you with the details, but yoga puts you in such a relaxing state.

It has really helped when I’ve needed a break from work, or when I’m really anxious. I can assure you that it will help with whatever you’re dealing with, whether that be a lack of creativity, stress at work, or you just feel like you need to clear your head.

I didn’t know how much yoga would help with my creativity. It inspires my music taste (because the instructors play really great music) and forces me to slow down and really think of new ideas. 

The main focus of yoga is training your mind. The practice makes you focus on one thing: your breath.

Conscious or not, you are being more mindful.  I’ll do a more in-depth yoga post later, if you guys want. Let me know if the comments 🙂

It also doesn’t have to be yoga; it can be another workout that lets you escape from your mind for a bit.  I find that working out helps me do that, regardless of what it is.

5. Get Out of The House

This goes hand-in-hand with going for a run or walk, but this is more along the lines of going to your favorite coffee shop to work or draw or whatever your ammo is.

Sometimes being in my house drives me crazy! There is a certain extent to which you can maximize your creativity in a space that you spend so much time in.

6. Read a Blog That Inspires You

reading and shopping online beautiful flat lay picture

For me, this is The Skinny Confidential or The Balanced Blonde.  They both are very focused on giving tips for productivity and creativity, among other things.

Whenever I’m feeling stuck for creative ideas, or my brain just won’t cooperate, I read The Skinny Confidential’s productivity and organization tips. Her brain is just like mine in that we need the space around us to be clean and organized or else we won’t be able to perform at our best.

7. Dance It Out

What I put on my Sonos just depends on what music mood I’m in. I always have music in the background though.

Sometimes it’s a chill playlist, or a trance one, or a deep house playlist.  I find that I work best in a trance/UK house environment, does anyone agree? It’s grind time when I put on a UK House playlist. My co-workers can attest to that 🙂

I also highly recommend having a little dance party for 5 mins to your favorite song, to get your endorphins going. It makes you less sleepy and gets oxygen flowing to your brain.

8.  Meditate

There are some great apps for meditation, like Headspace.  Headspace in particular, talks you through the 10- minute meditation. It’s okay for your mind to wander.

Meditation allows for you to clear your head, and all of masters and millionaires of the world swear by it. Lewis Howes, Tim Ferriss, you name it.

9. Listen to An Inspiring Podcast

Speaking of Lewis Howes, I have been loving his “School of Greatness” podcast lately. With over 400 episodes and counting, he interviews someone inspiring each week.

He also has his own short snippets of advice about random topics.  But it all comes back to unleashing your inner greatness.

Amazing for a day when you’re lacking creativity, or are just having a bad day. It’s super inspiring.

10. Learn What Time of Day You Work Best

In my case, I work best in the morning.

I wake up early, make my coffee, get some food in me, and start working.

I think it’s something about having the whole day ahead of me, where I feel like I can get a bunch done in the morning.

Being well-rested helps me to be my most productive and creative.


I hope you guys gained some great creativity tips! Leave a comment down below if you have another tip you’d like to add 🙂

xx, Chels