Hi friends!

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to a brunch with my friend Sam at Sol-ti Juice Company!

For those who haven’t heard of Sol-ti, they make organic, vegan, delicious juice, and are headquartered here in San Diego.

Any San Diego residents – you have to go to their tasting room in Miramar.

It is so cute!

They decorated the tasting room for the occasion, setting up a fall-themed brunch.

We got to meet the family behind the brand and some employees –

And also taste all of the juices!

My personal fave was the Gingermade flavor, a tangy ginger juice.


Brunch @ Sol-ti

We got to have some brunch catered by Kindred, which was soooo good.

Not to mention, Sol-ti had set up basically the cutest fall brunch ever.


sol-ti juice company


I had never had Kindred before (the food is vegan), but I am making it a point to go soon because the food we had was incredible.

I’d like to add that I’m not vegan, but we have a ton of vegan spots in San Diego that are so yummy –

And some are better-tasting than non-vegan restaurants.

The french toast, acai bowls, and salad we had were to-die-for.


brunch - sol-ti juice company


There was some great conversation about health and wellness as we ate.

I love getting to meet people who are health-conscious and all about nutrition.

It’s also very refreshing to come across a brand who is doing good for people’s health.

It’s rare to find nowadays, am I right?!

The family who started this company are raw vegans who really care about the product they’re putting out into the world and how it affects people’s bodies.

I really enjoyed getting to go behind-the-scenes and chatting with the O’Donnell family about the process of making Sol-ti juice.


Making Sol-ti Juice

After brunch, we walked around with the CEO and learned about how they make the juice.

Sol-ti’s process is unlike any other cold-pressed juice company’s.

First of all, they use a state-of-the-art machine that was originally from Italy.

The produce they get is organic and from local sources.

From the making of the juice to the bottling process, the juice never touches the open air – this is unlike any other process.

This prevents flavor loss, oxidation and aroma loss.

The juice is kept at 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire process.

Instead of using preservatives to make the juice last longer on the shelves, the juice is filtered using UV light – again, unlike any other manufacturers out there.

So, they are able to get out all of the toxins while keeping the good parts of the juice.

Using this filtration system, they are able to bottle their juices in glass bottles.

The end result is the purest and cleanest juice, with the most nutrients.

When you open your bottle of Sol-ti, it’s the first time the juice has touched the open air.

How cool is that?!


Where You Can Find It

So where can you find Sol-ti?

The juice is carried in places like Southern California, Texas, Hawaii, Canada. To see if Sol-ti is in your city, click here.

Let me know if you end up trying the juice, I’d love to hear what you think!


xo, Chels