In the last couple of months, I’ve realized how important self care is.

Our bodies are our home, and if we don’t care of them, physically and mentally, they aren’t going to perform at their maximum capacity.

A big component of self care is taking care of your mental state.

Just like you would work out your body to tone it up, you need to exercise your mind (to some extent) to check in, learn how to better cope with hard situations, and balance everything that’s going on up there.

I’m all about taking precautions to help my body and mind perform.

Before I list the self care activities I do, I want to mention sleep.

Everything with your health and your stress levels comes back to sleep, since sleeping is the only process that allows our bodies to heal.

A good night’s sleep should be high on your priority list –

I’ve started taking magnesium and fish oil before bed to help me sleep, among other things! I can do a post on maximizing your sleep, if you guys want to see that?

My favorite self care activities are listed below.


5. Meditation

I have really been into meditation lately.

I have to admit –

It’s a bit hard to get into a daily practice (which is what’s recommended) if you don’t make it a priority.

Mainly because –

You have to sit for 10-20 mins (or however long you want to meditate for) undisturbed.

But, what has helped me is making a point to meditate at one specific time, every day.

There was just this really cool study done on meditation and how it affects your brain.

You can read the whole thing here, but I’ll recap for you –

Participants were divided into three groups, and were asked to practice three types of meditation in different orders:

After the three-month period, they had an MRI taken to see if there were any changes in their brains.

There was.

Participants that had practiced mindfulness-based attention (basically just trying to focus on your breath) for three months had thickening in the prefrontal cortex of their brains, which is an area involved with complex thinking, decision-making and attention.

Cool, right?

I just think it’s fascinating.

And if you’ve ever meditated before, you know that it is simple:

Sitting with yourself for 10 minutes a day, trying to focus on your breath.

The fact that you can actually change your brain from doing this is so dope.

If you want to try meditation, I highly, highly recommend it.

I definitely can notice a difference in my overall state when I’ve been doing it daily for a while.

My favorite app is the Calm app; they have tons of guided meditations that will help you along when you’re first starting out.


4. Acupuncture

I started going to acupuncture to see if it would help my migraines –

And I ended up liking the process so much that I keep going back.

If you’re in San Diego, I highly recommend going to Circle of Living Wellness Center in North Park!

I was apprehensive before going to acupuncture because needles and I aren’t really friends.

But I can honestly say, you can’t feel them.

Acupuncture is great for two reasons –

One, because it is relaxing AF when you’re lying on the table for 30 mins.

May or may not have fallen asleep on multiple occasions.

And two, because the science behind it is really cool (who am I, a science nerd now?! Ok Chels)

Practitioners insert needles to stimulate certain points on your body.

The needles inserted are very shallow –

And also very small.

It is also super good for your immune system –

I haven’t gotten sick since I started going, about 7 months ago.

I’ve found that going to acupuncture twice a month allows me to de-stress, reset and know that I’m doing something great for my body.


3. Grocery Shopping


self care activities - grocery shopping


Ok, this is a weird one, but I love grocery shopping.

I used to dread it, mainly because I didn’t know what to get and the grocery story overwhelmed me.

Not anymore, folks.

When I go to the store and am able to buy healthy food for myself for the week, it’s a win.

It also makes me feel so good –

Kind of like I have my life together.

I feel like I am taking care of my body, mind and soul when I buy real food to nourish myself with.

I don’t know if this is just me, but I don’t like not having food in the house or feeling like I have nothing to eat for dinner.

It stresses me out to an extent.

I like knowing all the ingredients that I’m putting into my body.

Comment down below if you’d like to see a grocery list post!

I would love to share what I buy on a weekly basis –

And maybe you’ll consider grocery shopping a self care practice after that 😉


2. Exercise


self care activities - working out


This may be an obvious one, but I always feel 10x better when I work out.

I try to get active 4-5 times a week –

Getting active can mean going to the gym, trying a new workout class, or even going for a walk.

Moving your body is the most important thing.

When I exercise, I know that I am taking care of myself.

And –

That it’s in my hands to take care of my body.


1. Setting Aside “Me” Time

This last self care activity is one that I’ve been doing more and more as of late.

It’s no secret that I love my alone time, but I’ve found it’s very important for me to set aside at least one night a week (I would love multiple nights, but let’s be real here) to relax and reset.

“Me” time usually includes my whole skincare routine, lighting some candles or putting on my oil diffuser, and reading a book. Sometimes I’ll put on HGTV (because I’m a grandma), but I usually want to disconnect from all electronics.

I think having alone time, no matter what kind of person you are, is very important.

And I’m talking –

No phone, no distractions; just you, your thoughts and peace.

This gives your brain a break and also lets you take a break from the outside world for a night.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Make it cozy and do something you know will relax you.


What do you do for self care? Let me know in the comments!