I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been really loving my alone time.

I’ve been treating myself to a lot of self-care nights, and it’s been wonderful.

Treating yourself to a relaxing night in and taking care of your body is super important in this crazy world we live in.

There’s always somewhere to go, people to see, and something to stimulate us at all times.


I really look forward to relaxing on the weeknights and on weekends, to unwind from the work week and the stresses of life.

That’s what I’ve been focusing on lately, aside from working on my blog and figuring out my goals.

It’s really exciting to have a clear head, feel super creative and be stoked to learn.

Very cool things are coming soon!

Okay, back to this post.


Skincare Routine

Usually, on weekend nights I stay in (which let’s be real, is most nights.. #grandma), I will pamper myself with a little at-home spa night.

I’ll do this before anything else.

I’ve recently started to switch to all-natural beauty products due to some health discoveries and just generally wanting to switch to a healthier lifestyle.


I’ll do my whole skincare routine –


Skin care routine - Kopari relaxing night in


Cleanser, toner, a seaweed face mask, a vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid serum, and coconut moisturizer (my absolute fav – and all natural!).

More on what products I use in a different post, if you guys want.

This really helps me feel clean and allows me to relax.

I don’t know about anyone else, but moisturizing my face is one of the things I look forward to every day.

Sad? Yes? Okay, whatever.


Candles/Oil Diffuser

Okay, one of my favorite things when I’m working on my blog late or just want my room to feel more cozy is to plug in my oil diffuser.

I recently got one for my home because I have one at work, and it’s just the best thing.

There are essential oil packs you can buy, and you can even create a “cocktail” of sorts and mix different smells.


essential oils - relaxing night in


It’s heavenly.

My favorites?

Peppermint and eucalyptus.

If you’re looking for an oil diffuser to buy, this is the one I use.


essential oil diffuser - relaxing night in


It turns itself off when the oil is gone, which is super nice!

It seriously relaxes me so much.

When I’m not using my diffuser, I’ll burn candles.

Since candles are v overpriced and it annoys me (probably more than it should), I’ll buy my candles at Tuesday Morning, Marshall’s or Home Goods.

They are way cheaper.

I love lavender candles – right now I have a blue cedar & lavender candle in my room that smells lovely.


candles - relaxing night in


A Relaxing Playlist

What would a night in be without music?

I’ll put on one of my relaxing playlists and plan out my to-do list for the next day or couple of days.

I’ve been using my cutie lil planner for my goals and to-do lists recently and it has really helped me to organize my life.


Bloom planner - relaxing night in


Putting that ish in my phone was just nottttt cutting it.

Some of my favorite playlists to unwind with are:

Relaxing tracks set the tone for the night, and help my brain to calm down.


Turn On A Documentary/TV Show or Read

Recently, I’ve been super into documentaries.

Babe and I have been watching “The Defiant Ones” on HBO.  It’s Dr. Dre’s life story….and also really freakin’ good.

If I’m not watching a documentary, I’ll throw on some GOT (obsessed) or Real Housewives (guilty pleasure).

OR if I’m feeling really ambitious and productive I’ll listen to a marketing podcast or watch a vid about some marketing concept.

I also just bought a bunch of books – kind of all over the genre spectrum.

I always do this –

I’ll buy a bunch of books at once and then it takes me forever (obviously) to finish them. Like months.


Anyway, I am almost done with a financial book (The Simple Path to Wealth), and about to start Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I’ve heard amazing things about it, and I’m trying to be good and actually finish the book I’m reading before I start that one. #adulting


Make Some Tea


kava tea - relaxing night in


I was recently introduced to Kava tea, which is a relaxant.

It calms the body and mind, and gets you ready for a really good night’s sleep.

I drink the Yogi version, and it’s actually really yummy.

It is naturally caffeine-free, so don’t worry about it keeping you up.


What do you guys do on a relaxing night in?

Let me know in the comments!