What’s up, friends.

This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Portland with my little sister.

She goes to University of Nevada, Reno and met me out in Portland.

I had the last day of my job last week, and wanted to take a trip to celebrate landing my new job.

I start this week (eek!) and I’m so excited.


Portland Travel Guide

Portland was a fall dream.

This all was very spur-of-the-moment, as I booked the trip last week.

We came at a good time, when the leaves had changed and when there were so many fall colors.

One thing I’m not used to is the cold.

Man oh man, was it chilly.

I mean, I’m used to 70s in San Diego (I know, I know, cry me a river) and this massive heat wave we just had.

And you best believe it was one of the only things I could talk about on this trip.

We stayed in the Pearl District, which happened to be one of the prettiest areas.

Staying in that area was a complete fluke –

I didn’t even know it was one of the main districts until I got there.

One thing I really loved about Portland was how nice people were –

We would ask people recommendations of places, and they would give us a laundry list of things they love to do.

I also loved how no two answers were the same –

That’s when you know there’s a ton to do in the city and there are lots of local spots that you can’t go wrong with.

P.S. A vlog will (hopefully) be up this week about our trip!


The Pearl District

This area was filled with beautiful, brick buildings, clean streets, and amazing shopping.

The architecture reminded me of parts of New York a little bit.

We did our fair share of walking around the Pearl, exploring tourist attractions and recommendations from friends.



Blue Star Donuts

Best donuts I’ve ever had? Yep.

With multiple locations throughout Portland, Blue Star makes brioche goodies will melt in your mouth.

So good in fact, that we went there to get donuts both Saturday and Sunday.



Tasty & Alder

I’m so happy we got there early in the morning, since by the time we got our table there was a 2 1/2 hour wait.

I’m not one much for waiting long amounts of time for a table (because I get very hangry), but we felt like we had to try the good Portland breakfast.

The verdict?


Best French toast I’ve ever had, and that’s saying a lot since French toast is my favorite breakfast food.

You won’t even have to chew it because it melts in your mouth.

It was gone in 1 minute.


Salt & Straw


portland travel guide


Again, a v long line to get this world-famous ice cream.

Well worth it.

They have classic flavors, and then seasonal ones.

Right now, they had a whole Thanksgiving-themed lineup of flavors.

We’re talking Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Spiced Goat Cheese to name a few.

I KNOW, it sounds disgusting.

But the flavors we tried were amazing ???

My sister bowed out of the classic flavors and ended up getting the Mashed Potatoes and Gravy flavor….

And this is a girl that is not adventurous with food, whatsoever.

I got the Almond Brittle and Salted Ganache flavor –

Chewy, delicious chunks of chocolate, with pieces of almond brittle sprinkled in the ice cream.

My mouth is watering.


Mi Mero Mole

We were craving Mexican food Saturday night, and didn’t want to travel too far.

We wanted to go to Por Que No, because I’ve heard amazing things about it.

Turns out there were protests going on that night that shut down the bridges that took you to the other side of the river, where Por Que No was.

We didn’t think it was worth it, so we found a local Mexican food spot –

Delicious burritos were ordered and consumed quickly.

I like going to local places when on vacation that all the people who live there go to.

The popular spots are good and all, but it heightens expectations and then sometimes doesn’t turn out to be worth the wait.

All of the places we ate at were really good –

I always find that the majority of things to do while on vacation are food-related.

Fine by me –

I’m such a foodie; I plan my day around when I’m going to eat next.

Does anyone else do this?




portland travel guide


NW 23rd Ave

This is where Salt & Straw and Blue Star (one of the locations) are.

There is also some amazing shopping.

I recommend walking up and down the street –

It’s fairly long, and it has some great shops like Urban, Pottery Barn, and some local stores as well.

This was definitely my favorite street.

We were also recommended a ramen place called Boxer Ramen, and it was the bombest.

Shout out to our Uber driver for that one.


Powell’s Books on West Burnside

This is the OG Powell’s.

Going here was one of the first things we did –

For those that don’t know, Powell’s is the largest bookstore in the country.

It is literally a whole city block, with multiple levels boasting different sections of reading material.

There are also lots of gifts and rare books.


Boise Area

Mississippi Ave. Shopping

We walked down Mississippi Ave. for some local shopping.

There are lots of unique boutiques on this street.

We didn’t get a chance to try Por Que No, but it’s on Mississippi.

To be quite honest, we were so full from eating Blue Star the second day in a row that we just couldn’t do it.

No shame in our game.


Northwest Portland

Forest Park

Oh my gosh, this park is GORGEOUS.

You definitely need to go there for a hike or just to stroll around.

We would have hiked for longer, except that it was freezing cold.

It was nice to just be out in the nature.

Think Yosemite meets all of the fall colors you could imagine –

Magical to say the least.


I think it’s safe to say that we ate our way through Portland. What else is there to do on vacation?

Comment down below if you’ve ever been to Portland!