Have you ever met a 16-year-old who is already an excellent guitarist?

Likely not.

Pair that talent with the skillset of an experienced musician, and you have Max Foxx and Nicky Renard.


Max Foxx and Nicky Renard Background

Nicky Renard became hooked on rock-n-roll at a very early age when she befriended a group of teens that were very into the genre.

At the age of 9, she vowed that she would become a rockstar.

And that she did.

When she was only 10 years of age, she received her first acoustic guitar.

She started composing her own songs even though she only knew 2 chords at the time.

Apart from having a few guitar lessons in middle school, Renard is a completely self-taught guitarist.

Pretty impressive, right?

Her skills shine through her own compositions, her playing of multiple acoustic and electric guitars, and her unfailing drive to become the best musician she can be.

Nicky Renard

Her guitar skills matched perfectly with Max Foxx, another guitarist who also plays keyboard.

Max Foxx began playing piano at a very young age.

He found traditional music lessons to be boring, so he turned to his own repertoire.

At 14, he bought his first guitar.

It was on this guitar that he composed a chord progression that would eventually become Renard and Foxx’s first single.

Foxx and Renard had a jam session in 2016, that turned into the creation of their single, “Grovy Lane”.


The Making of Grovy Lane


Grovy Lane Nicky Renard and Max Foxx

You can hear the soul even in the opening chords of this song.

Lead vocalist is Caleb Johnson, who won season 13 of American Idol.

It starts off slow, mainly vocals, and then explodes into a supreme guitar solo and catchy chord progression.

Foxx composed the basic chords of this track when he was young.

He didn’t pursue the song any further, until Renard came along.

In 2016, their jam session proved to be very beneficial for the both of them.

Renard composed some additional parts of the song along with the iconic solo that became the foundation of “Grovy Lane”.

But that’s not all –

She also wrote all of the lyrics.

Together, Foxx and Renard make up the dream team of soft rock.

With her talent and youth, and his experience and passion for music, there’s lots more to come for these two.

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