Hiya friends.

I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately. Not sure why.

BUT I went to see live music this past weekend, and it basically put me in the best mood ever.

Let me start off by saying that the Observatory in North Park, San Diego has a stacked lineup.

Pretty much always.

But in these past couple of weeks, the Observatory has had especially amazing artists.

I’ve been so excited to see Marian Hill since I bought the tickets.

Marian Hill is made up of Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd – with Gongol on vocals and Lloyd on production.

Their name comes from two characters from The Music Man, Marian Paroo and Harold Hill.

I saw them for the first time at CRSSD Festival this past March.

They were a last-minute replacement for Blood Orange, who could not attend, and they were SO good.

Their music is basically the perfect blend of beats and sultry vocals.


First Act: Opia

If you’ve heard their song, “Falling,” you’ve probably heard the Whethan remix.

I hadn’t heard many songs by them – and by many, I mean I had only heard 1. Lol.

This one below.


I have to say, the original version of this song is pretty spectacular.

As are all of their tracks that they played at the show.

They revealed that they worked with RKCB on song “Always.”


My favorite?

This little number right here.

It’s also their newest track.


All in all, Opia was superb.

It’s always really fun when the opener is a band you’d listen to again after the show.


The Main Event: Marian Hill


Marian Hill at Observatory North Park San Diego


I love watching Marian Hill perform.

You can see their passion for the music when they’re up on stage.

I’ve been familiar with their music for a year or so now, but hadn’t explored much further than “Down,” “One Time,” and “I Want You.”

One of my favorite things about this show was how FUN it was.

All of their songs feature really good beats and catchy lyrics.

And Samantha’s voice is really something.

The duo knows how to put on a show – something not all artists can do.

To get a crowd dancing is a special feat.

One of the worst things is being so excited for a show only to be disappointed by the performance.

But the shining star of this performance?

Steve Davit, the jazz musician featured on some of their songs.

Like this one.

Skip to about 1:15 and you’ll thank me later.



As you can imagine, parts of the show were jazzy, bluesy, and pure magic.

I LOVE the sound of saxophone improv. It’s the stuff I LIVE for, you guys.

You can feel the SOUL.

That was probably my favorite part of the show – that and the fact that it was live.

Seeing live music is one of my favorite things to do.

If someone could give me endless funds for a live show budget, that’d be great.

Other songs I discovered from this show?

First off, was “Wild”.



Second, we have “Whisky.”



Everyone should go listen to this playlist on Spotify to hear all the magic that is Marian Hill.

Aaaand if anyone wants to go to a show with me, hit a girl up!

That’s it for now. Love you all!