Hiya music lovers and beautiful people!

My March playlist has been officially live for 2 days now, but I’ve been compiling this playlist all month.

It includes many genres, including deep house, covers, hip hip, pop, indie, and more.  I’m excited about this one because I found some amazing songs this month.

So, what happened this past month?

I went to CRSSD Fest, attended a Social Media conference in San Diego, started getting REAL excited for Coachella, joined Corepower Yoga and more. March was a busy month!

April and May are about to be extremely busy, with graduations and festivals galore. But more on that in another post.

Let’s dive right into the reason you’re all here.

My top 3 artists I had on repeat this month were Khalid (I die over his new album – so good), THEY., and the new song by ZHU.

The playlist (at the bottom of this post) is kind of all over the map this month as far as genres go.

As always, here are the songs I want to highlight from this month.

Nightcrawler – ZHU

This song has typical, creepy ZHU vibes that I love.  The promo for this song was a black and white, old horror movie type of video, that got all of us hyped for this song.



Alibi – Pham

This song has quickly become my obsession.  With trap, great vocals, and a great beat, what more could you want? Really.

Listen for yourself below!



Winter – Khalid

The beginning of this song has Old-Hollywood musings, which I adore.  Khalid has such a soothing voice and I’m obsessed with it.

One thing that surprised me about this album was how much it changed when I put it on in my car.

You know those songs/albums that have so much bass but you don’t even realize it until you are in your car? This whole album is like that.

And y’all know how much I love bass. Ok go listen now.



Bellyache – Billie Eilish

Can we address the fact that this girl is 15 YEARS OLD?! AND SHE’S COOLER THAN ALL OF US COMBINED?

Honestly, I’m just confused at this point. She is literally the coolest 15-year-old I have ever seen. The lyrics alone made me think she was well beyond her years.

I have nothing bad to say about this song, or any of her songs really.  She’s amazing.

Give her a listen.



Phone Down – Lost Kings (Justice Skolnik Remix)

I have to admit I did not like this song at first (the regular version).

Something about pop culture references makes some songs too cheesy for me.

But, this remix makes it all better. Once I heard it, I actually listened to the words and it grew on me a ton.

Listen to the amazing rendition below!



9 (After Coachella) (feat. MO & SOPHIE) – Cashmere Cat

This song is BRAND NEW and it’s WEIRD. But I love it.

My advice: give it a couple listens before you judge.

You guys know Cashmere Cat: weird, but so good. You would never think his transitions and drops work together but somehow they do.

I really dig MO’s voice in general, but in this song especially. I think it’s perfect.



Your Love – Mark Knight

This is a tech house remix of dubbed Kylie Minogue vocals from way back in the day. AMAZING to say the least.

Brings me back to the early 2000’s.

Mark Knight is very talented; after finding this song I listened to his work further and he’s definitely a great deep house artist.

Highly recommend listening to this one below!



Silence – THEY.

Most of you will be familiar with THEY. from the vocals on ZHU’s track, “Working For It”.

Well, I highly recommend you give their entire album a listen, because it is the perfect blend of RnB and pop that you need in your life.

This is one of my newer faves, but “Motley Crew” and “Back It Up” and the tracks that made me fall in love with their sound in the first place.



Aba – Lane 8 & Kidnap Kid

This is the newest song by Lane 8, and it includes another amazing artist.  This collab could not be better!

The song is very soothing (Lane 8 style). It kind of makes me want to take the longest night drive ever, with this song on repeat.

Let me know if you agree in the comments below!



March SOUL

Here’s the entire playlist! Be sure and follow it on Spotify if you love it 🙂



Thank you so much for listening!

xoxo, Chelsea