Don’t you agree that dancing in the rain is so much fun?

We all did it as kids.

This weekend, we had the chance to dance our little hearts out while it drizzled on us (basically all of Sunday).

It ended up being so much fun (and cold) to listen to our favorite music without the usual heat of music festivals. And we even saw a rainbow during Dusky’s set.

How perfect, right?

With that, we wrap up another installment of CRSSD Festival.

As always, the lineup was fantastic.  The whole festival is always super well put together. I have some highlights from the weekend that made it pretty amazing.



Best Set of the Weekend: Snakehips (Sunday)

Hands down, best set of the weekend for me.

Snakehips, job well done.  I should’ve known how good their set would be because of their soul/RnB sound.

They ended up dropping everything from Snoop to Missy Elliott to their own jams.  They definitely know how to work a crowd – quick transitions, numerous throwbacks, and the perfect amount of their own songs sprinkled in.

I love watching all of the music producers get so passionate about their sets – you can see how much they love doing what they’re doing.

You guys know I love seeing creative, passionate people doing what they love.

Snakehips was the epitome of that.  I don’t think there was a still being in the crowd during their set.

The duo, comprised of Oliver Lee and James Carter, converted their energy to the crowd.

The clip below is just a snippet of how fun the set was.


Biggest Surprise: Mija (Saturday)

Ok. So.

I am not a huge fan of gnarly dubstep. I can be, when I’m in a mood, but usually I do not enjoy listening to dubstep of the reg.

You guys could probably tell that from my playlists.

Bass, however, I’m a huge fan of.

Why was Mija the biggest surprise of the weekend?

Because she, a predominantly dubstep artist, dropped an entire house set during CRSSD.

I don’t know if anyone expected that from her – I sure didn’t.

But not only did she drop a house set, it was an AMAZING house set, you guys.

Part of why I loved this set so much was that me and my friends had an excellent spot to dance by one of the auxiliary speakers.  It was just an all-around great time.

Best Way to End the Weekend: Flume (Sunday)

Everyone expected Flume to be amazing. And he did not disappoint.

Just the way he started his set – with a very long intro – turned the show into such a performance.

Being the biggest name performing at CRSSD, it only made sense that he closed the weekend.

He dropped everything from What So Not to his own stuff, going hard just like I expected him to.  The first time I realized Flume was becoming big was when I listened to the live stream of Coachella 2014 when I was abroad.

That was the year he released his Tennis Court remix and changed the game. He also dropped a bunch of dirty trap during that set, so I was pretty darn stoked to see him live.

All in all, I would love to see Flume at a smaller venue next. I would love to see a more intimate set where he doesn’t have the pressure of a large crowd to play certain songs.

AND, he’s been releasing music like crazy (Skin, Skin Companion EP I and Skin Companion EP II within a year), so I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Set That Made You Feel Like You Were on Top of The World: Lane 8 (Saturday)

Lane 8’s music will do that to you. I’ve been trying to find the words to describe how I feel when I listen to his music for a couple of days now.

Come to think of it, it’s been on my mind for awhile.

I think I’ve finally got it: Lane 8’s music makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay.

I don’t know if that sounds weird or what, but it’s those specific building melodies he uses that make all of his songs unique.  It’s mellow, yet very uplifting to me.

This was how his set sounded over the weekend.  It’s the best when you’re in a crowd, dancing with your best friends, and are feeling so happy because of each song.

Unexpectedly Bumpin’: Marian Hill (Sunday)

Marian Hill was set to perform Sunday night, right before Flume. The duo was not on the original lineup, but took the place of Blood Orange last minute.

That time-slot is normally reserved for a house artist, or someone who is a big name. Marian Hill is big, but they are more indie so it was an interesting time for them to perform.

THAT BASS. *praises Jesus* The bass and just the whole combo of Samantha Gongol’s vocals plus Jeremy Lloyd on production, was purely amazing.

First of all, Gongol has the seductive voice of an angel. And Lloyd was going hard up there on the turntable.

They were so good, you guys. The talent was awe-worthy; I was just standing there for some of their songs. Staring at the saxophonist, and the duo. They have an incredible stage presence.

It was the perfect combo of a live band plus electronic music.  It sounded exactly like their album (which is what I look for).

I HIGHLY recommend seeing them if you haven’t yet. Their tour dates are listed here.

Dirtybird Legend: Justin Martin (Saturday)

We chose to see Flume over Claude VonStroke, actual king of house and Dirtybird, so I’m happy we saw one of the best Dirtybird artists, Justin Martin.

I’ve been wanting to see him for awhile, and he did not disappoint.  His set encompassed all of the good vibes of the day.

I kind of want to go to Dirtybird Campout or BBQ one of these years. Has anyone been? Let me know in the comments 🙂

This festival was one for the books! See you again in October, CRSSD.