The best deep house songs are hard to narrow down. That’s why I gave you some bonus songs, for your listening pleasure. ūüôā ¬†Read on to find them!

I used to not really be a fan of deep house, when I was into my trap and progressive house phase in college. ¬†My thought¬†was, “ugh, these all sound the same.”

I was turned onto the genre when I attended my first CRSSD Festival, back in 2015.

Seeing artists like Maya Jane Coles, MK, Claude VonStroke, and more perform really made me love deep house, tech house, and UK house. ¬†I am categorizing these all as deep house for this post…

My goal for the next year or so is to go to the Dirtybird Campout or BBQ. ¬†Claude has so many rad artists on that label, and I’ve heard the festival is one of the best out there.

Sidenote: I just want to say that I LOVE writing these posts for you guys. My time writing and working on the blog while I jam out is one of my favorite parts of my day.

In the words of the great DJ Hanzel, let’s go one deeper.


Piece of Me – MK feat. Becky Hill


YOU GUYS. I could seriously listen to this song all day, every day, for hours on end. ¬†It is that good. If you’ve never heard it before, I highly encourage you to play it now. Which will spiral into you playing it 20 more times today.

It is the best for when I want to have a dance party alone in my room (you do it too, I know).

Also, any song with Becky Hill on vocals makes it absolutely shine.

The extended version is embedded below for your listening pleasure. You’re welcome!



Be Here – Duke Dumont


Duke Dumont just makes me want to drive with the top down in a Jeep in Hawaii. He is the epitome of summer to me.

This song has a different vibe¬†compared to “Ocean Drive” or “I Got U.” ¬†It’s less summery, and more club-like.

Listen for yourself below!



Your Love – Mark Knight

I recently found this song, and wow.

This brings back the memories from junior high.

Mark Knight brings¬†Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” allllll the way back from 2001.

He adds an amazing house spin on it, dubbing her vocals and creating a house beat that’ll keep you dancing.

Work It – Jack Beats

I randomly happened upon this song, but I’m glad I did.

Jack Beats is mostly known for “Beatbox,” but I like “Work It” better.

Listen below!

Static – Justin Jay

You’ll probably know this song once you hear it.

It’s one of those that is played at a lot of sets.

It has a great beat that is perfect to drop in a house set. A good transition track, if you will.

Listen below!

Saving My Life – Gorgon City

Like I’ve mentioned before, seeing Gorgon City live was a magical experience.

Although every song of theirs is great, this has been my favorite for awhile.

I just love the vocals and the overall vibe of the song.

In my opinion, the gospel-sounding vocals of Gorgan City’s songs are the best parts.


Careless – Dusky

“Careless” was one of those songs that I knew for awhile but never knew the name or who produced it.

I heard it for most of college at shows I went to, so I was stoked to find out that it was Dusky.

It has this beachy, Miami vibe to it that just reminds me of summer. Listen for yourself below!



Just a Lover – Hayden James

I love how this song has this indie vibe to it.

I don’t know how else to describe this song other than it’s just so cool.

Listen for yourself below!



Love Like This – Dom Dolla

Dom Dolla is SO GOOD.  I first discovered him when I was making my playlist for Splash House 2016.

This is by far my favorite song of his, but he’s been coming out with some great singles recently.

Just listen for yourself, and he will become your new obsession.



Bonus track: Define by Dom Dolla



Rinse & Repeat (VOLAC Remix) – Riton ft. Kah-Lo

If there’s any song you listen to on this playlist, listen to THIS ONE. WITH HEADPHONES.

It bumps.

This is probably my favorite song off of this list. I checked out some of VOLAC’s stuff after I heard this remix, and they are amazing.

I recommend listening to their VOLACAST series on Soundcloud.

Burning Bright – Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is SO talented.

If you have the opportunity to see her live, do.

My best friend introduced me to tech house at one of the CRSSD festivals, and I was apprehensive.

She was one of the first tech house I ever saw and she was incredible.

Claude VonStroke

I can’t pick just one Claude song because he is the king of deep house.

He is one of the most respected DJs in the industry and the master of all things house music.

The most memorable thing about seeing him live was how much the crowd fed off of his energy.

The smile never left his face; you can tell what he does fuels his soul.

It is an all-around fun time when you go to one of his shows. I highly recommend it if you haven’t yet.

Below is one of his latest sets, to show you how good he is live.



U Got Me – Lee Foss

Lee Foss is one talented guy. He co-founded the label Hot Creations, and doubles as part of the group Hot Natured.

All house music, all of the time.

He is one of the most respected deep house DJs in the game, and he proves it each time he releases a new song or performs live.

House Work (SNBRN Remix) – Jax Jones

I love this SNBRN remix. It gives me life. But the original “House Work” is truly great as well.

I can’t decide. You choose, and comment below.




Crank It Up – Hi-Lo

This song is technically UK or Bass House, but I consider it deep house as well. Anyway, Hi-Lo is Oliver Heldens’ alter-ego.

I will probably do a post eventually on artists with two aliases, because I am FASCINATED by it.

How can someone be that talented, that their talent is not limited to one genre?

HOW can they come up with an entire career worth of songs for both of their personas? Also, the time. They must be very busy.

I mean, when I first saw Clockwork perform half his set as Clockwork and the latter playing the dirtiest of his RL Grime songs, I was blown away.



I just want to sit down with all of these talented people and pick their brains.


Untrue – Tchami

Tchami is another artist that is amazing live. And I love all of his songs.

This is the first song I heard by him, and it is probably one of his most famous.



I hope you got one deeper and enjoyed all of my favorite deep house songs!

View these songs and more on¬†my Deep/Tech House playlist on Spotify. Make sure and give it a follow! ūüôā