Hiya peeps.

This month has been absolutely nutty –

I landed a new job, turned 25, found a new apartment (the perfect apt *heart eyes*) and have been out of town almost every weekend.

No signs of stopping basically until after Thanksgiving.


I’m sitting here with a glass of wine trying to relax.

I thought I’d share some very valuable lessons I learned this year with y’all.

Even though time moves pretty fast, I feel like I’ve done a lot this year.

Looking back, it’s apparent that a lot happened, I’ve grown as a person, and I did things I never thought I would.

It’s been a pretty great year.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?


1. You Make Your Own Happiness

This is one lesson that really hit home for me this year. In starting this blog (can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year, btw), I’ve found a purpose. I get to write all of my thoughts down and share them with the world, meet new people, and have something that’s all my own.

I’ve learned not to wait for people to make me happy. Whether that be going somewhere on my own, taking a night to myself, or whatever, I can do it all. I choose happiness, always.


2. Pushing Yourself is Key

This pertains mainly to the gym, but also in my after-work activities. Instead of vegging out watching Netflix, I choose to work on my blog. To read. To listen to a podcast.

In the gym, it is what you make of it. I’ve learning that pushing myself is way more rewarding than if I half-ass the workout.


3. Self Care is Also Key


24 things I've learned being 24


This year, I’ve put my self care first. So many people nowadays put themselves last, but that’s not the key to a healthy mind and body.

Once you take care of your mind, your body feels better.


4. Just Because You Want It, Doesn’t Mean You Should Buy It

This is an important lesson for me, lol.

I really had to cut back on my spending this year as not to run out of money.

Growing up means more expenses, unfortunately.

I have learned to be more frugal this year, and learned that I don’t NEED that new top (even though I want it really bad.


5. Clean Space = Clean Mind

Simple, yet important.


6. You Need to Put Your Own Health First

This goes hand-in-hand with the self care lesson.

Learning that no one is going to be take charge of your own health but you is a very valuable lesson.

If there’s something wrong, fix it. Research until you find the answer.

My chronic migraines have gotten over 50% better because I wouldn’t stop until I figured out the answer.


7. Stop Judging So Much

As humans, we judge.

We can’t help it.

Our brains are literally WIRED to analyze the world around us. To solve problems.

That’s cool and all, but I think everyone can get a little more tolerant of each other.


8. Slow Down

24 things I've learned being 24

This is something I’m working on daily.

I struggle with the fact that I work full-time, yet still want to make this blog successful.

So, pretty much every free moment I have is spent working on it, thinking about it, etc.

I’ve learned to incorporate a weekly self-care night where I don’t work at all.


9. Things Don’t Happen Overnight

Patience has never been my strong suit.

It’s a work in progress.


10. Appreciate your Support System

Without them, your success would be lonely.

My support system are my friends, family and my boyfriend.

They rock, and I try to express my appreciation as much as I can.


11. At Some Point, You Have to Let Them Make Their Own Mistakes

I’m a bit of a control freak, so when I give advice, I really want the person to take it.

Because I feel like I give really good advice, ok?!

But I can’t control everything. In fact, most things in life I can’t control.


12. Stop Apologizing

I’m working on a post on this topic, actually.

I’ve noticed that everyone apologizes WAY too much.

Why are you apologizing when you can’t attend an event because you have a prior commitment? That requires ZERO apology.

The list goes on.


13. Podcasts Are Life

If you have a long commute, you need to download some podcasts.

They’re all the rage right now, because they’re awesome.

You can take your pick of topic/genre, and either learn, laugh, or get inspired from them.


14. Your Environment Has More of An Impact On You Than You Think

Wow, I’ve really learned this the past couple of months.

Having a healthy environment is SO important. You don’t realize how much it impacts you until your stress levels are off the charts and you’re not sure why.

Luckily, this is in your control.


15. We Have to Be the Change

I’m not going to lie, the Vegas shooting really affected me. Hard.

It hit really close to home (my boss’ girlfriend was at the concert) and I cried for a couple of days.

It didn’t, and still doesn’t, make sense.

It made me angry, sad, and scared.

But I realized something –

Nothing is going to change until we start the change. We have to channel the anger and sadness into action.


16. Spread Positivity

Piggybacking off of that last point, spreading positivity is so important if we want this world to change.

Positive actions will have a domino effect.


17. I Am More Qualified than I Think I Am

It’s called “imposter syndrome.”

(Mostly) everyone has it –

Where you feel like you’re an imposter when you get a promotion or that new job.

Where you feel like you’re not qualified.

I’ve learned to have confidence in my abilities and my skills.

That’s what helped me land my new job.


18.  Follow Your Passion

I know this is cheesy, but if I didn’t follow my heart, I wouldn’t have started this blog.


19. Yes You Can

I faced my biggest fear and jumped out of a freakin’ plane, for God’s sake!


20. Let Go a Little

If I could tell my younger self anything, it would be, “Everything’s going to be fine.”


21. You Will Not Gain Value By Sitting Around, Do Something

While I know it’s important to take care of yourself and take a break, I also know that nothing will change if you’re not doing something to better yourself or your situation every day.

If you hate your job, CHANGE IT.

If your relationship isn’t working, CHANGE IT.

It’s really that simple. People make tons of excuses all the time.


22. Learn Everything You Can

You feel more fulfilled on a daily basis.

I guarantee you’ll feel like you’re actually living your own life when you’re trying to learn everything you can.

It can be literally anything –

Just keep learning and growing.


23. Stop Trying to Please Everyone

I’ve had to say no to a lot of things this year, and honestly, it is more empowering.


24. Switch Up Your Routine

Me and my boyfriend have incorporated weekly date night into our routine, and it’s really been great.

It’s so easy to get stuck in a routine, especially with a significant other.

Doing something different each week helps ignite excitement back into the relationship and helps you enjoy new things together.


As you can tell, this year has been a year of learning. Tell me something you’ve learned this year in the comments 🙂