Hi party people!

Happy (almost) 2018!

I wanted to do a post today for a year in review.

So often we go through our lives and don’t stop to appreciate all that we’ve accomplished.

I think everyone should look back each year, and write down all the ways they’ve grown and the cool things they did.

It’s amazing when we do this, because we forget some of the things that went on because we are so BUSY in our daily lives.

When I looked back at this year, two common themes stuck out to me:

Gratitude and growth.


Appreciating everything in my life and really trying not to take a single day for granted.


Goal-setting, making myself a priority, personal growth, and lots of learning.

2017 was a year full of new things:

New job, new experiences, a move, a new addition to my family (a pup) and a blog.

I tried to make this year about being positive and spreading happiness to all my family and friends.

I learned a lot about business, my own worth, mindfulness, and health.



This year I learned that gratitude is everything.

So many people walk around on this earth only thinking of the things they don’t have or the negatives of their days.

What about focusing on the positive?

It creates a way happier outlook and life.

As an emotional, somewhat-negative person growing up, I found that those feelings didn’t serve me.

This year, though, was the year where I really tried to focus on positive things.

I’m thankful for my family, friends and boyfriend.


2017 year in review

Thankful for this man – and thankful to have a partner just as silly as I am


Grateful to live in a gorgeous place, have a space I call home, and a support system.

A bad living situation this year made me realize how important your space is, and made me extra grateful for where I am now.

Taking time to express gratitude is so important for your well-being and happiness.



This was a big one for me this year.

Everyone should aim to constantly be changing and growing every day, let alone each year.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

First, let’s talk about how I started this blog!!

What started as a music blog has turned into so much more:

Health, wellness, and most of all, trying to help people live happier lives.

I know this blog is no where near perfection nor exactly what it’s supposed to be yet, but that evolving process is part of the fun.

As my interests change, so does what I want to write about.

Part of my big personal growth journey this year was taking more time for me.

A big part of that me time was working on the blog and learning more about the blogging world so that I could put out the best content for you guys.

And with that, came me putting myself above everyone else.

I stopped saying yes to going out and partying every single weekend, focused on my health and what made me feel my best.




2017 year in review


This year, I began to take control of my ever-present migraines, and invest in a cure.

What transpired was my chronic headaches significantly decreasing. (YAY!)

A huge part of this was learning what foods to eat that work for my body:

What gives me the most energy, what makes my skin look fresh and glowy, and what products need to be a staple in my diet.

This year I started researching more and more about health and wellness, which led to some pretty amazing discoveries.

Physically, I pushed my body far past what I have done in the past, tried different workouts and got stronger.

Feeling strong and comfortable in your own skin is so empowering, don’t you think?



I was just discussing with my boyfriend that this year felt very slow.

Not in a bad way; in a good way actually.

In the kind of way that makes you surprised it has only been a year.

When I think back to the start of this year, it is so hard for me to believe that I only started this blog in that time frame.

It feels like I’ve had it forever!

Starting a blog was a very scary thing, but I’m so glad I did it.

I faced one of my biggest fears this year and jumped out of an airplane. *what*

I’m super happy with the growth that has happened this year and can’t wait to continue this journey next year!


Cheers to 2018!